Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Welcome to the "official" blog of WayNotes. The augmented realitty app for Android.

The WayNotes augmented reality app, is currently submitted to the android market, and is part of the Android Developer Challenge 2!

The app displays "notes" from physical locations, when you point the phone camera in the right direction. The notes are displayed as circles, overlaid on real live camera feed.

The closer notes will be displayed as larger circles.

Touch the circle, and the note it contains will be revealed!

There is also a "places" data that you can access, which will show, major placenames, of places around you as notes, when you point your phone camera at them. This data is from, the large human edited Geonames.org database.

Currently, for the "places" part I have added support only to United States. More countries coming soon! The notes part, that you can add after registering with WayNotes.com (through the phone) can be enjoyed all over the world!

Also WayNotes site is currently under active development, but should not stop you from enjoying WayNotes app in its full potential!

Have fun with WayNotes, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did developing it. And watch this blog for instant news about development, feel free to post comments and provide feedback. I will read and respond to them as much as possible.

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